Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a waste of my blog.. :P

Before I go on, I am not homesick, i just miss home :P ... I miss everything about Malaysia... My family. my friends... I miss them all.. Not to mention the food.. OMGosh man, I really need some Malaysian food wei.. I'm miss Chaw Keoy Tiaw, Chicken Curry, Daging Kicap, Kadazan food, Pork belly, fried rice in sangvian, Chinese Tea Ice and my mum homecook meal... TT.TT Damn... Well just be patient JJ, you're cooking will do..haha.. Did I mention guys I'm learning how to cook. I not trying to showoff or boast but I'm not bad at all, I mean my cooking skills are not bad at all :P Well that's what my friends say. You see me and my friends have this understanding, we buy groceries together, we buy enough food  for 4 of us and then just spill the bill, it's been pretty good. We all have our responsibility after dinner, oh yeah we only eat together at dinner time So I always look forward to dinner, I love to cook and I hate to clean...haha... We also have a duty timetable to give each person a job in our flat to make sure to keep the kitchen clean and well not everyone is cooperating, I don't want to mention names, bcoz I'm a nice guy..hehe... However the kitchen does get freaking dirty that we have to clean it almost every week.. Ok I'm getting off topic.. I was talking about How I really miss home.. I really do :')... But Life here is pretty good.. So To all my family and friends...
This for each one of you.
You all know who you are
You all know how much you guys mean to me.
On another note, My academic life here is pretty linear although my work are starting to pile up.. No bullshit.. ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, because it's like 6 assignments, 4 to pass up before X'mas. So yeah... :S Having a few problems with my groupmate, communication and understanding, Hopefully this wil be establish soon..Crossing my fingers.. :) 
This picture is over the top, but it's almost there, a slight description of my studies here.. :) But I can manage.. Thanks to my course mate Hwei/Huang Hui(FB), she's a nice person but for a nice person, she can walk fast.. I mean if u even get distracted while you're walking, she'll just leave you.. She's a very considerate and patient person.. She won't wait for you..hahahahahaha.. Okla She is a nice person and she was nice enough to introduce me to her friends and invite me to her party, wait, it was her friend who invited me and don't even know me..Lol..haha.. Still a Good friend. Haven made any close local friends, but I can surely tell you, I have a lot of oriental friends..hehe.. Asian Diversity..muhahaha XD.. My module are pretty easy but looks like I'm going to have to face a bit of SAM old challenges.. HARVARD REFERENCING!!!..ARGH!!!!... I have this one module that requries me to write essays..aiyo.. =~=.. There are something you cant escape, No cant runaway..hahaha.. Beside that, Northumbria Education is pretty good, it's like One seminar and One lecture for each module per week..muhahah XD.. I am so thankful but I cant take it for granted. Procastination is another challenge that I have fight against all my life!!!... Give me the sword of drive and motivation and give me the shield of guilt from my parents, and I shall overcome the monster, that goes by - Procrastination. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrite Get back down to earth JJ...hehe... Alrite Other things in Northumbria, let's see I have joined three societies/clubs - First is Catholic Society, I know I know how it sounds like, some people back home I have change and became more spiritual, well it's kinda true but my faith is stronger now, I just need Him and I ask him to bless and protect the ones I love.. :) hmm.. I have to be honest, I have tried reading the bible, but keeping it a routine is the hard part, I'm still trying. Fortunately, the mass service on sundays that I always go to, is very good, I can understand the homily and especially the msg been given out. I even volunteer to become a reader, maybe to learn some more things :) I want to know Catholic more, but what's great about my catholic society, they won't ask you to convert or you don't even need to be a catholic to join my society. Furthermore, considering to see the cell groups that have here and go to a Church with a Sanctuary :) I have learn quite a lot of things from the mass service I go to and it gave me a lot of sense of peace :) I believe in God and I believe He hopes for Unity and Peace all over the world, and I believe that someday that will Happen :)
Ok Second Society- The dance society, yes yes yes I know, hey but it's better late than ever.. I've fallen for dancing once more, My friend, Maggie, who has been dancing for a long time saw my dancing video and told me I'm a LA style dancer and I was blurr because I didn't know what was that??..  So I found out and I got so hooked on LA style dancing and especially Shaun Evaristo and Movement Lifestyle... 
To everyone please check out the videos on Movement Lifestyle, Shaun Evaristo and Bryan Subijano.. Their are amazing dancers... You have to check them out.. Go to Youtube fast.. Go go go!!!... WAit!!! Go after you finish my blog please, that would be more polite..haha... Come on I got a lot to write so please and stay and read..~~Enjoy~~~..hahaha.. Ok where was I?.. Oh yeah so I join the dance society, I actually audition for the dance crew in Northumbria and well I kinda make it but they cancel the dance crew because Northumbria miss the registration deadline for this Dance Competition.. sien~~~ .. So they have a lot of events, recently they offered members to join for a performance event, but I couldn't make ot because of other commitments, another society which I will be coming to.. I actually want to show off my new dance routine, a cover actually Shaun Evaristo - Sure Thing, Check out the original dance routine by him, Shaun I mean.. HE's epic.. HE is the MAN!!!!.. For more movement lifestyle videos go to my Youtube profile and check out my subcription :) You won't regret watching Movement Lifestyle, I hope I can meet one of them or at least get their Movemet Lifestyle shirt.. Please God..hehe.. So I hope I can perform with the dance society and maybe improve my dancing skills while i'm here, on my free time. They say dancing naturally builds your body a bit :P..hehe.. Who knows rite?..hehe.. I even made new friends, their awesome and they have their own youtube account and with some damn good homemade videos. Check them out alrite..!!

Third an Lastly - the Malaysian Society, I went to the AGM meeting and when I sat down, as I looked around the whole room, it's a feeling I haven had in 2 months, It felt like I never left home. Being around all MAlaysian felt great and they were awesome, I'm friends with most of them and well I know have a schedule futsal match every week against...well all of us.. just for fun :) .. I even met friends who has an XBOX 360, a PS3 and a flat screen TV.. OMG!!! Dream has come true!! I even got the chance to play fifa 11 and coming soon, i will get the chance to try Call fo Duty: Black OPS!!!!! OH YEAH!!! SUCK IT E3 SOLDIERS!!!hahaha.. kidding guys.. You know I love you guys right!?..hehe... Made a lot of new friends and as I was typing this blog I got a msg saying there is this UK Malaysian Society meeting..blah blah election...blah blah blah.. Getting straight to the point, the meeting is in London and they offered me a free trip to London with them...OH YEAH!!!!!!!!! I was reluctant at first, hesitating to say Yes, but what the hell, next week is guidance week..haha... So screw it!!!.. I am going.. Problem is now, I'm sharing a room with 2 girls..yikes.. =_=..hehe.. But They were the one offering me so If they're ok, I am ok!!!..Hey it's free trip, food, all expenses are covered..hmm.. accommodation not yet although, still it's FREE................!!!... hehe...
I am so Happy to be a Malaysian Society Committee member, I didn't even know I am a high rank member..muhahaha.. Before actually I wasn't enjoying my duty as I was in-charge of organising the NottingHam Malaysian Games (http://nms-uk.com/)there is the link for you to check it out, I don't even want to recall the things i had to do.. So there..hehe.. :P .. 

Ok so that's all of the things that have been going on.. Beside friends, well I haven't found someone friendship that can be compared to My E3 friends, My Amanah Friends, My Solaris Friends, My Ex-Gf Friends and My Cekalian Friends.. You know who you are Best friends!! XD.. I don't need to repeat myself.. hehe ;) .. I found some good contestants..haha.. Kidding.. OVerall the people I have met are awesome :D, I hope to get closer to them and not in a gay way... Don know about the girls though :P..hahaha...
So I have done a lot of activities beside doing my research and studies, I travelled a bit. here's a picture of me and my friends at Tynemoth( the movie scene of Goal), well it was a castle near the Pier and the beach he trained at NEwcastle Upon Tyne..

Looks like a Mafia gang, only if we had suits that time..hahaha XD
Although Kinda lame that some people call us the backstreet boys...
Ok Maybe their right?
Damn la!!!.. My awesome picture was ruin by other comment..
Well I still think it's Legend...wait for it...dary!!!!
(Reference from a quote of Barney Stinson, How I met your mother)
Oh crap I'm already doing the referencing..AHH!!!!

hehe.. I'm really hooked on How I met your mother, House, Glee and Two in a half men... But Right now I can really relate my love life to How I met Your mother, it just so awesome, it's like watching your life but they made it look like 100 times better and 50 times exciting..hehe.. Well ok I can't compare my life to How I met your mother.. I have to agree with one person saying that How I met your mother is trying to do the same concept as Friends, and Friends is my all time favourite sitcom.. But still..

How can you not fall for these guys.
Their just fantastic, amazing and well unpredictable..

Every week I look forward to their episode but Now I can't download things from isohut because here in UK, downloading pirated goods is really a big issue and so illegal that they'll fine you with a huge amount, so I won't risk anymore of my parents money :S. However Thank You Patrick Ranjan for introducing me to Channel 131.. I can watch all the drama I love to watch... hahah XD

Alrite I think I'm almost done and I'm so beat from today, I had to do 2 presentation and I did most of the talking and answering.. lol =_=.. but Good job to my fellow groupmates.. It wasn't actually that difficult because it was an informal presentation..hehe...

Before I go, I want to say...

Happy Birthday Cinderella!! :)
Thanks guys for the invite to the club. I had fun.. :)
Thanks for being Good friends.
Happy Birthday Tony, the Innocent China Man, my flatmate :)
Thanks Pei Pei for being a good listener and Jr a.k.a Di Di, for introducing me to Po Po

Hwei is the girl with glasses, she's a great coursemate and a good friend.
But she's a lousy a walker, she always leave me behind..hahaha

Joking only Hwei..hehehe..

I miss Home..
Home is not a place,
Home is where you are placed in someone's Heart,
Inside their heart..
Go to them and You are Home...
Right now I'm Homeless
If you know what I mean :)

Ok It's time for me to go, alrite I do apologize to my followers,
I know I have been neglecting and ignoring my blog,
I'm very grateful to have you guys supporting my blog,
whoever you are :)
So I will try my best to update on a weekly basis.
It's time for me to kick back and enjoy my shows
For tomorrow I have no class, no seminars nor Lecuters..
Going to drink my beer and eat my MAS airline Peanuts :)
It's good to have alcohol within my reach..
Come here Beer..
Oh yeah I have NEW SHOES!!! AWESOME!!!

~~~Peace Out~~~ Bloggers

P:s Luke 18:9-14

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everything comes to and end... Move Along...

Welcome to Northumbria University

How many times i have tried to update my blog it seems like i'm always stopped by something or someone well finally I have no more problems and no more interruptions. However this post is going to be kinda painful for me, because I will be talking about my previous relationship with Yvette...
Well My last post was talking about me in England, UK, London. Currently I am in Newcastle, in my room.
I love my room, I was planning to make a video about my room, should i or should i not? I dont want to come off as a showoff... Okok enough about the video. So, my life here in Newcastle, it's been pretty great, of coz sometimes it can get boring and lonely, but it's ok now.. Although, starting my life was pretty rough, I had to handle my broken heart and settle down else well.. I manage to get myself back up and now well just enjoy my life here and make the best of it. I don know where to start so let us start with my flat...

My FLAT- My flat is great!!! The space, the tables, the bed, the things i can have and now I can cook!!!! Problem is, trying to maintain the flat with my flatmates. I was hoping all of them to be nice and tidy person. Wel well, i got what i wanted, they all are very nice and clean people and willing to cooperate to keep the flat clean. 2 other Malaysian are staying in the same flat as me, keat Lee who I have grown very close too and a girl who is engage and it's her final year, she's taking Law. 4 more, 1 Hong Kong and 3 chinese people, there's one couple staying with us and they're living right next to me, and I think 1 time i heard them being passionate with each other..muhahaha xD... Not my fault, it was kinda weird, ok super weird for me.. For the pass 2 weeks, cooking become my routine everyday now, I like it but sometimes i get lazy and have to go there and here..Lol.. gets tiring but luckily my timetable isn't that tense.. Budgeting is also another task I have to do..aiyo... So this is my new life here..hahaha.. I still get to enjoy now and then. And thanks to my parents, I have some special drinks with me in my room.. Oh yeah did i mention my internet connection is freaking fast..OMGosh, movie downloading is so easy now man... within 1 hour 1GB nice xD!!!! So yeah that's it about my flat..
One of the most beautiful Bridge I have layed my eyes on
My University: I really don want to talk about my UNI so much because there is too much to tell, so many activity and it's so F-ing Huge man.. they even have a club/bar/pool place in the middle of the Uni, the Student union. There parties are awesome, oh did i mention, the whole time since I've been here, people have been partying in the accommodation, refering to the locals, drinking and a lot of drunkeds everywhere..Lolx..
The University almost have everything and provide all kinds of help. I'm very thankful and proud to be a Northumbrian..hehe.. Michaelian, Taylorian and now Northumbrian..awesome..hahahaha :)
My Class Timetable
My course: the first year units seem pretty basic,
I shouldn't have problems with my units but my biggest battle will be against Procastination.haha.. Haven made a lot of friends in my course, but there are so many of them, they don look friendly so looks like i have to make the first move yet again. I did meet up with a Malaysian taking the same course as me, she seems nice, quiet though but she was nice enough to introduce herself to me. :) So thumbs up tp her.. and My timetable is killer, I can't complain but I'm gonna enjoy my course. My induction week, was a blast, I didn't even know i had an induction week up til tuesday and that was like late afternoon, I went into an event halfway, building a bridge out of spaghetti and well i did meet some guys but they weren't so friendly with me and kinda difficult to understand them with their accent but sooner or later I'll become a Mag Pie( a person from Newcastle)..hehe.. Too scared to even mention I'm a liverpool fan..wakakakaka... I can't wait to start my class next week..hehe...
 My New friend..hahaha.. I just like this picture..

Ok Now it has come to that time to talk about Yvette... i don even know where or how to start... But I knew that was coming, from her i guess. In my heart, I always hope that it wouldn't happen but it did. That's what happen when two person don share the same view... It's never was going to work but I couldn't ask her to see things the way i do, so I had to. It wasn't enough i guess... Our love wasn't strong enough.. That's all to it.. The distance was never the problem. For the pass few weeks before I left even, me and her didn't say goodbye properly and well I hated it that we didn't. It didn't even stop there, when I was in UK, it still kept my unfocus and distracting me from what I had to do here, and I said to myself I'm done with this pressure. A relationship with someone you love should come easy, all I can say is that we both didn't love each other enough for that.. I have no regrets at all, and I had my fun, and she gave me a lot of great memories that might be hard to forget but everything will be ok, I will be ok, I am JJ of coz but finding a girl here will be hard..wakakak..
I don really want to say what was the problem between me and Yvette, because it's something very sensitive, not only for us, but for others.. She is very certain that what she decided was right so I decided that I will get over her and forget her... She is still my friend and my best friend... I just need time.. I dont know what God has in stored for me, but I believe in Him and He knows what's best for me. So I will follow the wind, where the wind takes me I will go... but I still have to make my own decision and my own effort has to come into play... I don have much to say anymore... I'm just very grateful for the things I still have, My family and friends. :)

There is no point is sulking about things that happen to you but everyone has the right to let out what their heart feels even for a while. I decided to move along and press a reset button here in UK, I'll make my life even better... I want to thank Yvette's friend and family who were concern for me after the break up and of course not to forget my friends and family who were there else well, who made me strong...

I have Faith... that my life will get better from here on out... I have faith that my family and friends will always be there for me... I have Faith in God...
Oh yeah special Thanks to people who created "How I met Your Mother?", because I really damn sure, that show really help me in my break up and made me realize a lot of things.. It made me a better man..muhahaha xD.. No joke..haha.. I recommend, hopeless romantic and people who has nothing else to do..haha

So there you go, I'll try to update my blog and make the blog a bit more wiser and proper, this was just telling what I had gone through, although I think I have miss a lot of parts but you have be here to know..haha..

~Peace out~
From Northumbria

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunny but Cool.. I love thos words

Well well I have finally made it to UK, the weather here, again I have repeated myself so many times is AWESOME, sunny but cool, you can walk for hours and not feel a thing but you're feet will get tired..hehe..
So I am going to finally start my life as a Student here, I can't wait. xD Ok before I go on talking about these last few days here in London, i want to say some few words about my friends, my brothers and my life back in Sabah.

I'm gonna miss them, refering to my friends, my brothers and my life back in Sabah, but life goes on and I'll have to start my new life in UK, My new Home..hehe.. For the past few months, I think I had MORE than enough fun, so I was already ready to leave for quite sometime. However I don't know if my friends, my brothers and my girlfriend were to wave so long goodbye for now..hehe ;) ..
When I left, my brother tributed their status in their facebook for me, it was very touching and my friends tried their best to spend as much as time with me as possible, my friends mean a lot to me, however I still don't know how much i mean to them..hehe.. But I know they care about me..hehe..
Thank everyone for showing me such a great time for the past few months, supporting me and helping me with my problems and being there when I was really really really bored..haha.. My life wouldn't be exciting without family and friends. =)
My Life in Sabah has just stop but it didn't entirely end, because I will be back to my real home. To me Home is your love ones are, and that's back home in Sabah, but if they move, well it might be a different place and well...ahhhh... you got what I mean..hehe..
So I had my fun but it's time to get serious, I have to fight and strive for my future :) So I will.

Ok Now Back to United Kingdom, London.. So yeah I still have time before my course starts on the 17 of september, I'm chillin with my parents for while..hehe.. Last trip to london was intense, because we wanted to see everything but this time we're kinda leaning back a bit, taking our sweet time before they say their farewell to me. Did I mention the trip coming to London was just FANTASTIC, i was in business class the whole way, I hope that experience isn't the last..hehe... More of a motivation to get richer so i can travel in style..hehe.. The food was delicious, fresh, 5 star service..OMGosh Man just thinking about it, I miss it so much, it was so comfortable, 13 hours just flew by..hehe.. The TV shows were entertaining and wasn't outdated but updated..hehe..
London is a fantastic place to go on holiday but it's a bit too pricey sometimes and mostly everywhere..hehe..
But I can't wait to see what Newcastle has to offer. =)
Til next time everyone. I'm so tired. Sorry I can't post anything inspirational or even something funny. Just wanna update my blog.hehe ;). Maybe When i settle down here in my room, I'll have more energy to do that..hehe.. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow.. I've forgotten that I had a BLog =P

Man oh Man, it's been too long since my last post, I'm sorry to anyone who checks my Blog on a daily or weekly or monthly basis, but i doubt anyone checks my blog regularly..hehe... OK where should i start? A lot has happen since my last post, drama, conflict, some damn good moments with friends, family and my girlfriend(hehe =P), and things you just can't forget whether it's good or bad.
My Life for the past few months since March, has been memorable, I wish I could tell you everything but I'm too lazy to type it all out..hehe.. Doesn't really matter, if I do tell anyway... But still no harm to sum it..

Family- I want to spent as much as possible time with them, because in 2 weeks time I'm going off to study overseas in the United Kingdom. I was so busy catching up with my family members, settling my visa, accommodation and etc etc.. I am gonna miss my family, they gave me so much memories and now I'm leaving to go study somewhere very far and very long, though I'll be back during my sem breaks..hehe =P.. My parents has tolerate with my attitude for so many times and they always tend to give me what I want and also What I need. They have given me enough advice, skills and guidance for me to get through with my New Life in UK. My brothers, well what can I say, they have grown up and I am damn proud to be their Bro, I wish them the best of luck when I have to leave, I hope they'll achieve their goals and everything. =)

Friends- Same, I just want to be with them in my final 2 weeks.. Man My friends, I have so many stupid but awesome things with them, I will truly miss them and never forget, Thank the Lord, that FAcebook and MSN exist..hehe.. Road trips, daily outings, mischievious activity, helping hands, Clubs, Sleepovers, All-nighter and you name it I have done all kinds of things with them, I wish I could do more though, but We did enough..hehe... To my E3 classmates, I'm sorry I couldn't spend as much time as I want with you guys, I wish all of you the best of luck with your studies and maybe in the near future we will meet again..=) Hopefully very Soon.. My friends will always be there for me, and I'm glad I have met all kinds of people, with their unique personality and Gold heart, not forgetting their sense of humour.. xD.. I will never forget you guys, YOU know who YOU are..hehe...

Girlfriend- I love her, that's all it matters, I don't want to talk so much about this area here, because this is personal, Private Love Life.hehe. You guys understand, right? =P

Our Father, Our Lord, Our God- I recently went astray from my righteous path and I got lost. I didn't know if I believe in the Lord and I had many doubts, because I couldn't accept a few things. However, I tried my best to find the answer, when I was young I believe there is a God, But i don't know if I appreciated him or even worshipped him. I had uncertainty in my heart. I look to others for help, I read the bible to find my answer, but all those just gave me a  temporary sense of peace, I didn't know what was I looking for. Then I went to the person that was there for me all my life, My Dad. I asked him for help, i asked him for his advice, because He has always been there for me. After speaking to him, He didn't give me the answer, He was the answer. People say God is not just God, He can be your friend, He can be your family member, Because He is almighty and He can send his message through someone you are very close to. My Dad taught be about Christianity and well His number rule that he gave me and to my brothers was to be Good, be the best person you can be and have faith in God. I am very Blessed to have a family like mine and I love God for giving me such wonderful parents. So God has restored my Faith stronger than ever. =) I shall never forget my faith and will always believe no matter what.

So there you go, I will be updating my blog now and then because when I'm in Uk, Not sure what am I gonna do..hehe.. I have 2 weeks left here, let's make this count everybody..
One last thing,
Jesus gave us a Life to Live
so honour it in a way
to live to the fullest 
and not forgetting the person who gave you that Life
God Bless Everyone
Don't forget to pray to Thank Him
Goodnight Everybody
~Over and Out~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Living Your Life CAn Be UnPredictable

Hello Everyone! I'm back and Happier than ever. So I have finally decided, I'm going to Newcastle, I'm going to study my Quantity Surveying Course in Northumbria. I was actually doubtful if I wanted this, I wasn't sure if I could survive and manage on my own, but I wouldn't know If I don't try.
Well if you're wondering why I chose tos tudy UK, here are the following reasons:

-The quality of education they offer

-Meeting new people

-Closer to my goals: Getting a good life and earning a living

-The allowance given by the University..hahaha..=P

-An Incredible Adventure for me

- The experience I'll gain afterwards

-The excitement of leading your life, becoming an adult

- Parents, Brothers and my Yvette, being proud of me for going to UK to pursue my goal
Although, there are so many good things but of course there is a bad side.
I might be lonely at first, I might doubt my skills of managing and I might even doubt myself if I could match up the standard of education there in UK.
I only need that confident within me to push me, to give me that drive, to give me that feeling of wanting more out of myself.. So there you go.. My decision.. Uk here I come.. But I'll only leave somewhere in August. It's already March, I dont have that much time left, so I'm going to enjoy what's left of my time here, I'm definitely going to make 2010 better than 2009...hehe... So far it's been great.. Kinda miss E3.. I really need to go back to KL, where most of my highlights of 2009 happened. I need to visit them before I leave for UK.
So the reason to this post, I wanted to say that life can be Unpredictable because on 14 of March, something incredible happen, a really big surprise this... I was so Happy, so surprise, I couldn't believe, for a second I thought I was dreaming or something. But before, I move on to that special day, Since my last post, My life has been normal, just slacking around, spending time with people and sometimes It might be boring but what to do.=P Just the other day, last saturday(13 march), my friends planned to go to the club to celebrate a friend's birthday. Before that, My friends kept asking me to make sure I come because I thought they really wanted me to come and have fun together. Although, I expected too much and I spended too much. I felt so used actually, I didn't enjoy myself but for some reason I took the most money out. I didn't know if they wanted me there for the booze, me and my friends that wanted to enjoy the night, told everyone to drink slow, but NO, some we're too selfish and inconsiderate that they drank the whole bottle to themselves, so some were sober the whole night, and I'm not the only one who didn't enjoy. Maybe me and clubbing just don't go together..Lol... So throughout the whole night, I was in a bad mood, I was so sarcastic to everyone.. Damn.. thinking back.. I should have follow my dad to the Wild Life Trip.. I didn't have to take money..hehe.. But what to do.. No regrets.. there is always a reason to everything.. I saw the true colours of my friends.. Let just say they let me down..
So the next day(14 March), I woke up really late, however I did wake up earlier, me and my family wanted to go to church but we couldn't go because Our house had no electricity and so we missed it. That day felt so stressful and everyone kept giving me a lot of work, I had to go in and out of the house so many times, I thought I was going crazy everytime I entered the car. Erwin, my best Friend, promise me, He could cheer me up with a surprise. I was quite anxious to see the surprise because he told me not to ask any question, "just follow my intructions" were his words. Late evening, I was about to go off, until my parents gave me last minute work again.. I was like Argh!!!.... Ok done, set, ready and go.. For some reason, Erwin is the person that is suppose to take me to the surprise but I was the one driving and picking him up. How is that surprising me by telling the place we're suppose to go??..
Ok, we arrived our destination, and I was shock actually because we were in front of his gf's place, clueless I was, the surprise is here????...
As I entered the house, everyone was friendly but something was very odd... I felt like I was a special guest or the guest of honor, the things that were prepared. Lenny(E's gf) talked to me and I just told her about my weekend being a real drag, the party sucked, my gf couldn't come down to KK with her friends and on top of everything else, I really hate doing a lot of chores.. Typical me.. So as we were talking and everything, I realize, everyone was looking at something behind me. I didn't bother to look myself, because I assume it was the mother just walking by. However, they constantly are looking back, as I was just about to relieved myself of this curiousity.... Everything turned pitch black...
Well it's because someone had close my eyes...
Familiar hands... It felt like I have held this hands before... yeah I did...
Then, few seconds after my eyes were close..
That song was playing...
Sum 41 - With Me...
................Could it be?.............
No way, it's impossible....
My eyes finally saw the light..
and An angel stood right beside me..
it was her
it was Yvette.....
I just stood up from my seat...
Everyone was laughing at me, well it's because the way i reacted..
I think I turned as bright as a tomato..
I was So HAPPY!! =)
My bad weekend became a distance memory...hehe...
Special Thanks to Jacky, Lenny, Erwin, Lenny's mum, Kathleen and Henry
Thanks Kath and Henry, she would have never been able to come..

So Yeah, as You can see Living your lfie can be Unpredictable...
She was staying in KK for 4 days and 3 nights..
I'm kinda lazy to tell what had happen in those 4 days and 3 nights..
So here how it goes, Parents went off to KL on the 2nd day she was here, they were coming back on the same day that My Girlfriend had to leave.. So yeah... hehehe....
Amazing, fantastic and wonderful..... That's how I describe the 4 days...
I finally felt like a normal couple, You know where You can just see your girlfriend just next door..
All My family and friends were real friendly and supportive, we all had our share of laughs and smiles.
I tried my best to impress Y's friends and entertain them as much as possible, in the process I found out that they are very good people, I'm glad to have met them.
Thanks Yvette for giving me those joyoues memories that I'll treasure..
I'm going to miss her when she has to leave.
When She left I started to miss her
Everyday I miss her
I miss her now =)

So there you go.. It's true, Living your life can be Unpredictable..
One minute it was going down hill,
the next minute, you could be on cloud 9..
~Peace out~

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Current Status: I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone =), I'm such in a joyous mood. Although I'm quite full of stresses but I can't do anything about it yet, all I can do is wait til the time comes I will need to face it. Right now, I'm enjoying my life. My Parents are so supportive of my decision i make nowadays, they're quite linear but they're still quite strict also, Although I'm more than a minor but I still have my boundaries. Well whatever it is, I'm happy to have my parents. My brothers also, I'm proud of them, with their sports and education, I wouldn't change them, just need to improve them..hehe... I just wish they would be proud of me for something.. I feel that I have nothing to show myself for, my bros don ever tell me what are they proud of, I always talk to my friends about my bros accomplishment.. Not all the times but still.. Sometimes I can be the most confident guy but sometimes I also lose my self-esteem a bit.  The Big question to everyone is: WHat are you proud of me for? I'm not expecting any right answer, just answer that would ease myself, answer that would make me not doubt myself from time to time. Yeah, we should doubt ourselves from time to time but not always... It's not healthy..hehe.. We all need confidence, later we won't be able to face life.

So this post, I'm mainly going to talk about is my trip to LAhad datu. Before, I continue, I'm happy that my bro found a girlfriend that is really genuine and cares for him so much..hehe.. COnrgats bro.. So After my family open house has been celebrated and everything, I was given the green light to go and see my Girlfriend, Y. I was expecting my mum to allow me to go anytime I want, I just didnt expect for her to let me go, so early.. The week after the openhouse, the coming weekend, I was already arranging my trip, booking my hotel, renting a car and booking a flight there. The arrangements were going well, all I was worried about is my Uncle who was accompanying me on the trip and no one else could hae afford for the trip. So I was afraid my friend was goin to be lonely during the trip when I was with Mi Amor. And I was right but he actually didnt mind and was really understanding about it. I'm very lucky to be surrounded with kind people. I love my life.. Strike one...

The Journey there was awesome, it was suppose to be long but he made it fast....hahaha.... damn fast.. We travelled to 2 cities. When we finally made it there, our destination, or MY DESTINATION. SHe surprise me, she came to my room and we greeted...hehe... I'm not going to give the whole detail to the trip but it was AWESOME... I WANNA GO BACK...  Meeting her friends and family was awkward at first la but at the end, I think i did a pretty good job. She tells me, everyone liked me, some even open up to me, that was touching. The parents seem to be ok with me, Had dinner with her whole family, heart wasnt racing, because I'm quite used to the situation where everyone on the table is older than me, knows more, knows each other. The situation is similiar to accompanying my Dad to a wedding at the table,  instead of my dad now, I accompanied my Dear..hehe...
I was really happy to meet everyone, to meet good people in LD.. I thank everyone for being very kind to me. I Wasn't being anyone but myself, so I hope you all enjoyed JJ..hehe.. 
I really cannot talk in detail what happen in Lahad datu, but I'm in Love with this Girl...
I thank Utada Hikaru for her song - Firsr Love.
I thank SUm 41 for their song - WIth me..haha.. the list will go on on..hehe..
I'm thankful for a lot of things.
Thanks for the necklace, Yvette
I love my life.. My life right now.. I want to enjoy before I move on to start a new chapter in my life which in my Future UNiversities.
Right now, I'm in a jam, This coming friday I have to make a decision between my Friends, who wants me to join them at the club against My Father's quality time with the chance to meet Mi amor, once again..hard decision isn't it.. Which should I choose, should I go on an adventure or dance in the club.. Walau headache.. Hmm.. ok now I'm just going to show you all some pictures of my and my friends..

This is an awesome pic, wish I was looking at the camera when it took this picture..Lol

Oh yeah, me and my friends created this game, where it involves eaating wasabi, mustard or disgusting pickles, if ur hand loses in the blackjack.. U know blackjack.. 21... U know..
This game rocks hard..Check out the other photos in my facebook..

LAst but not least..
Well the picture speaks for itself.. RIght Dear?..hehe..
Miss u so much =) <3
P/s.. Giving up on your goal and changing your goals is two totally different things.
Giving up is turning your back from your path to your goal
Changing is looking forward but with a different direction to another goal
Good luck Everyone with their Goals

~See You Later Aligator~

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm making the BEST of it, although it is already the BEST

Hi Guys.. Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine's day...
Hmm.. I want to write a lot of things actually, but I'm not quite sure how to express it properly and clearly.
Let's see, if we turn back time since the last time I posted something, what have I been doing since then???
Well, I've been playing COD a lot recently, I'm spreading the disease and my friends genuinely enjoy playing the game, although before they would say they don't enjoy because it makes them dizzy and everything. I'm actually the KING here, I found a few competitors but none can compare to Uz, Calvin, Soon, Avi and KArl. I still think about E3 now and then, I have to say they really left their mark on my life. I really do miss college and the assignments, because E3, we were never doing the task alone, although it was an individual task, I had a lot of help and I'm thankful to everyone of them til this day, I wish them luck with their studies and hopefully we'll meet in the future.

After College ain't so great, well to be honest, it feels like a routine now to me, I wake up everyday and I have a difficult time choosing what to do. I have my daily errands to do and task given to me by my parents, but I really don't do much. I have tried reading and news, I tried, slowly that routine faded because I had so much to handle. 1 thing that hasn't faded is exercise, physically, I mean I go to my ex High School to join the football team with their training, I want to keep fit, I want to lose the belly I have gained and furthermore, I have been consistent with my exercise at home. With my Freetime now, one of my priorities now is my appearance for now, I'm trying to keep my face clean, especially of pimples and well, I want to grow some muscles. I still stand with appearance is not everything. Something I look forward to everyday is THE REPLY, I'm waiting for e-mails from the UK University I have applied to. I realy don know what to expect, I'm really excited to study but I'm really nervous about studying in UK, come on, You can't blame a guy for being afraid. I want a good life, to get that, I must go through a hard life first. Aiyo.. I wish everything would be easy, but that would also mean wanting too much, you just gotta earn it..DAMN.. So yeah UK, still waiting over here. I have kinda stop touching my PS2 already, my old bad habits is also slowly fading and that's good but also bad because I really don't know what to do now. FACEBOOK..Lol... nothing else to do.. I don't even want to play the games in FB, I'm not that bored...yet...Hmmm... Watching movies, well I haven't been watching many recently, so so. I try to go out everyday with my friends, but I think it's kinda frustrating for my parents to see me go out every night. I'm 19 already, sooner or later, they know they have to accept it slowly, they're really supporting. My parents are afraid that I'll vegetate, especially after knowing the intake of my course in UK is in September, so Yeah, still far away from that date. UK is also still an IF, IF I don't go to UK, I don't mind settling in Taylor's College which their intake is in July, but I have to take an extra course due to my results. The chances of me going to UK is not like a 50-50 situation, more like 70-30 situation, the 70 is me not going to UK, all I can say is not high expectations. =)

YES, I GAMBLE but It's not a bad habit, the only bad habit part is I get caught up and I lost all my rationality, I can't stay calm, gambling is almost like adrenaline to me. But I promise someone that it won't eat me up. The Name of The Game I usually play is call Lap Lap Fu or Pia Pia Fu or better yet for everyone's understanding, you can call it Chinese Poker, I think. I lost quite a lot of money but I'm happy to not lose it to strangers, I never knew how grateful I am to have friends who are caring and considerate and we don't take it seriously, it just for FUN. When you gamble, prepare to lose, and with money prepare to give it away. That's it with gambling.

Chinese New Year, like every year, I always look forward to the ang pau $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..Ka Ching.. and of course the food and the people.  This year CNY was pretty good, I am not done yet but so far so good. I spend my time in a small town called Kuala Penyu, quite close to the beach and far from my hometown, but I was very surprise that the town surprise me, cause the trip that I thought would be boring actually was kinda fun, I'm no city boy nor a village boy, I like enjoy everything, try anything, and live like your dying. However, I have to say this CNY, I have been very tired, what all with my brother's birthday celebration and class reunion party that I had to contribute because I volunteer. Not to mention just recently attending my close friend's birthday party in one of the most expensive clubs here in KK, The WHite Room. I really enjoyed at first, afterwards everything went downhill because I miss her too much and at the end of the night, I just got really angry at a certain someone who didn't really think straight before deciding to take action of just playing around what might have been very serious or worst, fatal.

Ok enough with that night, GooD news on TV for me is that one of my favourite drama is back on, HEROES and something I fell in love with beside her...hehe... is GLEE.

 This GLEE drama is so unique, so different and the music it offer is just mesmerizing, I can't get the songs out of my head. Although it offers the same normal problems it faces in daily lives or teen conflicts usually is presented in other teen dramas- OC, one tree hill or 90210. Glee is also a comedy and yeah it is funny, I recommend you keep up with the series or START WATCHING IT. Except understanding that drama is better than HEROES. Personally, I enjoy watching HEROES, because of its complexity and darkness and superhuman powers of course. GLEE and HEROES are totally different things and I love them both.

Other things I wanna let out but short and simple and straight forward

I hope I'll get the chance to go to LAbuan again........

I hate driving now, I don't enjoy it anymore, coming in and out of the house...

I miss her.... I'm afraid... It's painful... I really like her.... Every moment together.. Treasure it all, that's what I'll do... Treasure it all and hold on... hold on... Keeping holding on...


Making a fool out of yourself is fine, either on purpose or accidental, just don't regret it, don't think about what happen or what you chose to do. Those moments are just one of those moments you have to become stronger, test your confidence, your tolerance, the thickness of your skin =P, the skill to recover and the skill to accept things. Example, out of stupidity, I suddenly just dance in front of a mirror in my uncle's open house, a party full of people, and I was alone in the room but doesn't mean others wouldn't be able to witness my dance moves. Honestly, I was aware of them and I Don't know i was trying to impress or just killing the boredom in the house. I really don know where I stand with my friends, Am I Cool? AM I a Nerd? Am I a Loser? Am I an Embarrassment? AM I a used person?
All I know is that I'm being myself, I am very versatile and I'm quite random and I'm all over the place and If I have to be serious, I can and I will.. Lol...jajajajajajajaja....

Oh Yeah I love dancing, it a way for me to release some stress that I have been quite lately.

So now it's time for me to upload my pics...

My friends in the White Room
I haven't been to a club for quite sometime
I enjoyed myself that night.

This pic speaks to me in a way
I have a lot to look forward.
Sky is the limit
A lot of empty pages that I'll fill

Mi Amor

P/s: I learned that blog is not to really express yourself personally or emotionally, well not that deep, that's all, even in your own blog, there are boundaries. We have to be a lil Mysterious.
All I can say is that a Blog is not a diary.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dramatic Week

I can't believe it. Tokio Hotel beats Black Eyed Peas in the BEst INternational Group..Lol... USA loss to the GErman..hehe..  The France Top Music Awards even Mistakenly gave Katy Perry the Best International song, it was suppose to go to RIhanna.. Man what an unorganise Award.. Embarassing..
Well now, that's said and done. Hello People, I'm back, Don know what to talk about, I don really read a lot, so it's hard for me to keep updated with the news, i rather listen to people and share their opinion with. However, my blog is here to also give people awareness and for your F.Y.I.

Sometimes I really don know What to Blog... RIght Now I live my life with Routines, nothing exciting happen. Generally, I exercise, do errands, send people everywhere and play game.. I try to go out with my friends as much as possible.

Sadam is attacking yet again...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I met so many of my old friends last week, all of them from Matric in Labuan. I was glad, be more glad if I saw Yvette.. =P... I think I have watch so many movies, I'm kinda fade up of going to the movies.

ERm.. I really don know what to talk about now because it just so happen all the pictures that I have taken since I was form 1 up til form 5, my graduation, is all gone. EVERYTHING IS GONE. I don where it is anymore, I don know if Ciko or Jun can retrieve it, all I know is, that I am really Damn F**king Unhappy...
I'm not being Emo about this, all those pics were important to me, cause I took it, I took it...

Today are just one of those days right?
~Piss Off~

Monday, January 18, 2010

Finding a University is HARD...

Well I went to KL, went back to Taylor's College, got my documents went to the placement centre to find out, to apply for 2 universities in Australia: Curtin(Perth) and RMIT(Melbourne).. I did come back to apply for taylor's also but I wasn't up to their requirement, so they suggest they'll appeal or bridging course..Lol...
BEside that, it was great to be back in KL and see all my good friends, but not everyone. My parents were very understanding and kind enough to treat myself during those 3 days. Although I think they were being very linear with me because I think They were guilty about me being alone cause all my friends couldn't meet me when I'm free while my parents with my uncles and my mum's younger sis with her husband went off to enjoy themselves. Well I didn't blame them, sometimes I like being alone, peaceful but there is a point where I get quite lonely. =P.... I was OK, still meet Selan, Brandon, Suresh and Mr.James Loo. I even had to chance to try 5 different cocktails in one night.. Not one of my finest moments, because I vomited but one of the memorable..hehe... B52...AK47...Long Island... SEx On the Beach and Bloody MAry... EVerything was awesome, just wish I had my E3 classmates with me during that time..
I did go back to AC(Asia Cafe), ate with Karl, Yue Zhi and Avi(Surprise Surprise)... CAlvin was the one that surprise me the most.. He came all the way from Singapore earlier than plan just to meet me before I left the day after.. Touched... WEng Jun Met me when I was totally piss(drunk), He came to the hotel about 2am and went back at 4am, couldn't recall the moment because I was quite tired and sleepy, not to mention drunk. I manage to even play pool with Suresh and his friend, also name, Calvin, surprise I manage to beat these players who entered in tournaments..AWESOME!!!!...
Bought things for myself also and bla bla blah... The rest are quite boring..hehe...
I hope to come back to KL soon..

ME enjoying my long island and my fav game: Pool

Yue Zhi and Calvin
Great Friends...Sheesha...

I ask myself when Am i going back there?

After Coming back from KL, I decided to take it easy and On Sunday, I wanted to take out my beloved friends, Natalie, Elina and Melissa.
WEnt out to catch up and chat and Even brought them to the movies,

Yeah this was the movie..
Ok, although it got low ratings, but I find the movie quite entertaining,
cute and quite funny.
I even got the oppurtunity to meet up with Mark Ryan,
Man he's skinny now, before he was quite chubby..Not bad now..
Afterwards, I brought them to my home,
Drank wine with them..Lil only bha..
Also thought them "sorry sorry" and "wedding dress" dance
Don't think they have time to learn,
cause their exam is coming up.
It was fun night..
They drove themselves home with my car. Was kinda nervous with Elina and natalie pretty smooth.
Well they're Girls..hehe..
Here are some funny photos

hehe.. learning sorry sorry.. These girls are one of the most energetic bunch of friends
I have come across
They never change
just mature...=P

Hehe.. took pictures with my car..
Trying to look sexy... Mission failed..
Well except they make the car look good..
Oh man, Now I wish I was the car...

Like this pic...hehe.. But it looks like I'm kinda pointing and one of her..hehe
Well still cute though.

I miss her.. Yvette I mean of course.
Everything is fine..
She's working now, as a teacher, just part time..
I bet she's a sleep now, (7.31pm), cause she didn't reply, she mention she was very tired.
Hmm.. When will I see her?
Well only HE knows...

Ok Got to get back to work.
I'm writing a drama script on my own..
Difficult is the word to best describe my situation.
Although I'm very excited to finish it.

~Iniibig Kita~
Tumodo Nou

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BLOCK LETTERS!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Attack!???.. When is this going to stop? 8th churches.. A Sikh Temple.. This si getting out of hand.. Before We all know it.. Malaysia will repeat the history of 13 MAy... I really hope that will not happen...

On the other.. I just got my documents today from Taylor's and went to the placement centre.. I bumped into Jeric and David; they were trying to sell their books and calculator... Skipping the lil details, more to the big picture... Karl and Yue Zhi accompany me to the placement centre. They told me I was only qualified to enter RMIT, Melbourne or Curtin, Perth, I really don know IF i'm good enough? I just hope I will be able to continue my studies, and try harder next time.. My last resort is private colleges here in Malaysia, Taylor's, HELP, Sunway university.. and etc.. I feel relieve to finally register but now I feel nervous...ahh.. Gotta to relax...phew... Man filling the form wasn't easy, kept forgetting block letters..DAMN...

Well afterwards, Me, karl and U Z went out for lunch to AC... I kinda miss that place, for it's food, cybercafe and pool... It was a nice place to hang, many memorable memories.. I just wish more of us were there.. We did meet JIn, but I would prefer to have Avi, Calvin, Soon, Kar yee and David YY...WEng Jun and Yuan Ming is planning to meet me later.. I dunno la.. I just want to stop thinking... I just wanna hang with my friends, simple as that... Ming wants to bring me to MOS, a popular club, that has been raided a few times.. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to call Myra, to tell about the drama story, wonder how did thhe audition go..erm... Hope they cast a few good men.. seriously...

I not sure what am I going to do now?... I have already register, I'll keep register for other university and finish the drama that my girlfriend, Yvette, recommended.. It's a sweet drama, predictable.. The main character, the girl is very innocence, the guy is quite aggresive with her, I know how it will end, I just wanna know how will they get there..hehe... Feel like a girl for talking about a drama... I watch when I'm free like now.. Parents left me in the hotel room alone, they went somewhere, where I'm not allowed to..yet.. though..hehe... Well I told them it's fine anyway, I don like being a burden sometimes..

But I miss her, Yvette I mean... She surprising every where I turn.. How lucky am I to met a girl like her.. Nice, sweet, kind and friendly.. and of course more... Hopefully I'll be able to meet her soon.. Hopefully the mother and sis woulod choose to go to KK.. pls pls pls...hehe.. not that desperate or anything.. wudn't spending my CHinese new year with her... Oh yeah.. My dad is planning to make an open house, not sure when.. Well Goin to continue doing my thing, finish the drama and finish reading the book that my dad gave me.. Jeffrey Archer, interesting writer...
Well what picture shud i post.. oh yeah...

Peaceful picture..isn't it...

Nice place, this was the beach I brought her too...
Beaches like are hard to find..
Picnics, parties, romantic setting, whatever..

This pic was taken when i was looking up,
I held my head high, coz I'm proud to be a SAbahan..
Beaches like this are one of the few reasons,
Why Sabah is beautiful...

~Peace OUT~